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Welcome to
Pinnacle Technologies
high performance
robotic surface 
finishing systems 
and products.

A unique experience of remarkable surface finishing capability utilized by leading manufacturers throughout
the world.




Pinnacle Technologies is the world leader in Robotic Abrasive Belt Polishing and Buffing.
Pinnacle Technologies is successfully demonstrating to major manufacturers how we can combine 2 or 3 robotic cells to produce a much higher output with significant cycle time reductions. This is helping traditional manufacturers to again be very cost competitive compared to utilization of low cost labor to manually belt / buff / satin finish components to high quality surface finish requirements.

Intec Robotic Solutions
In Europe we are known as INTEC Robotic Solutions.

Robotic Abrasive Belt Polishing and Buffing

Robotic Abrasive Belt Polishing and Buffing

Pinnacle Technologies is the world leader in robotic abrasive belt polishing and buffing. We combine cutting-edge technology with hands-on experience in the chemistry of polishing and buffing to provide powerful solutions through unparalleled service, support and training. When you work with us, you will tap into decades of innovations and advancements - Read more >

Feature Product

Auto-Sense Buffing ROBOTIC CELLS System
Our Auto-Sense Buffing System is designed to use buffs of up to 40” in diameter. The system automatically adjusts the wheel speed with wheel wear to maintain a constant surface speed. Our closed loop pressure control system for buffing maintains a programmed working pressure while following the contour of the part surface and automatically compensates for wheel wear - Read more >

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Pinnacle Technologies - Headquarters USA

+1 201 891-7049 Pinnacle Technologies +1 201 891-7049
Email - Pinnacle Technologies,Robert Penqe info@pinnacletechnologies.com
  +1 201 891-7930
Website Address - Pinnacle Technologies www.pinnacletechnologies.com

Manufacturing Center - Travagliato BS - Italy
In Europe we are known as INTEC Robotic Solutions.
Intec - Pinnacle Technologies +39 030 6865386
Email - Intec Pinnacle
www.intecrobotics.com  www.intecrobotics.com

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