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FPM Forging MachinesPinnacle Technologies’ Forging Machine Solutions:
Pinnacle Technologies is proud to represent FPM Forging Machines in the U.S. These state-of-the-art units feature cutting-edge technology, world-class durability, and unparalleled reliability and cost-effectiveness.

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FPM screw press

FPM Screw Press

Extremely Reliable
The new FPM screw presses have been designed incorporating FPM’s many years experience in rebuilding presses. Based on this experience, FPM has engineered their new line of EM screw presses to avoid failures that they had first hand experience with other manufacturers presses during the rebuilding process. FPM’s new line of EM screw presses are based on the following concepts: - hydraulic pre-loaded frame with two steel tie rods - specially forged main screw - special bronze alloy bushing - forged steel drive disk shaft The EM family of presses are equipped with an electronic control of the press power and ram upstroke. This stroke is easily adjustable with the Allen Bradley PLC control which has explicit, reliable diagnostics. FPM offers an optional electronic load control system on all models of EM friction screw presses.

FPM Furnace Model Z with Steel Belt
FPM Furnace Model Z with Steel Belt
For Heavy and Shaped Jobs
Designed for heavy or shaped pieces. Features include: Separate loading group Adjustable speed Production of 500-2000 kg/hr.
Automatic Pusher Furnance Model FPM Series F with Gas Feeding
Automatic Pusher Furnace Model FPM Series F with Gas Feeding

A Tough and Compact Work Horse
This unit is compact, has a heat recuperator and an electric system with movable control panel. Other features include: • Completely motorized adjustments • Patented loading system • 4 tracks • 3 heating zones • Firebox length from 1500 mm to 4000 mm. • Diameter of the billets - Min. 10 mm. - Max. 120 mm. • Length of billets up to 350 mm • Production per hour of 200-1500 kg/hr.
FPM Eccentric Presses
FPM Eccentric Presses

Extremely Reliable and Sophisticated
These machines are as reliable as they are sophisticated. Among their many features are: • Frame in normalized steel • Shaft is forged, high-alloy steel • 6-ways ram • Two casting valve with safety preventing cycle playback • Combined brake-clutch assembled with pneumatic control • Central auto lubrication with adjustable flow • Bevel gear in oil bath • Balancing cylinder of the ram • Presetting to insert a blank holding bearing • Mechanical safety of the ram with operating signal for 45 and 63 tons • Hydraulic safety device against overloading (Types 100, 160 and 200) • Microswitch to stop the machine
FPM Trimming Press
FPM Trimming Press
Unique Features and Benefits.
A trimming press can be used in hot forging as well as in cold forming. 
The Trimming press is also frequently used for perforating operations. The different construction designs of trimming presses allow a high grade of flexibility. The frame or body of a trimming press can have hw-column, c-frame-, four-columns- or mono block design. The size and function of a trimming press varies wording to the forged parts.
Trimming presses ore mainly used in production lines directly after the closed-die forging process. 
The forged part is separated from its flash by high precision Trimming press